Hi Everyone,

Corey had a busy day. The therapy company sent out the OT and Speech therapist for their evaluations. Each therapist stayed for an hour. I do not know the results of the evaluation however; our day nurse reported that both visits went well. Corey was very tired after her OT evaluation, most likely because she’s lost some of her stamina.

Our day nurse also reported that she and Corey went for a morning walk. For those of you who have not been to our neighborhood, the road descends and wraps around a center cluster of houses…with two hills. We are located in the inner circle of that cluster of homes. When we walk to the top of our driveway, we turn left to head down the hill. It’s fairly steep especially when your holding onto the wheelchair and pulling back to fight gravity and the weight of the wheelchair. (I keep hoping I don’t lose my grip or Corey will be creating a new roller coaster ride!) My biceps and back muscles are a bit surprised at their new workout regime. As the road levels out it’s a nice stroll until we begin the gradual incline again. This is where my calves and back end get their workout! Corey and I will be producing a new exercise video called “buns and guns of steel”! If any of you are looking for a good workout, come and take Corey for a walk. Our nurse Tammy is not used to this form of exercise and commented that she had to stop a few times on the hill to get her breath. She was ready for Corey to get up out of her chair and push her up the hill.

Today was my first day back to work. You all know what that is like! Leaving this morning reminded me of Corey’s first few days at the Preschool Workshop…her nursery school. I can remember walking her into school and she would cry and hold onto me. Of course after I would leave then I began to cry too. The teachers had a two way mirror. I would leave Corey crying and then go through the back door to watch her via the mirror and wouldn’t leave until I knew she was settled.

Corey today reminded me of the pre-school workshop. Only this time I didn’t have a mirror to watch you. It was so hard to leave you this morning. I was crazy busy at work and quite frankly, I’m not sure I know how I actually functioned because I was thinking of you home without me. I began thinking of you at Preschool. It made me smile to think of your first memory. You never took a nap and were always getting into some mischief. The teachers were calling me in for conferences daily. My mother used to call you Miss Gazinta…you’d ga-zinta everything! We preferred the white tornado. One afternoon you did finally nap (the teachers cherished this day). When you woke up, all the kids were standing in a circle around you looking at you. As you looked around, you noticed small hazard cones encircling you. The teachers put the cones around you so none of the other kids would wake you and you’d (and they) finally get some rest!

Some things don’t change Corey-girl. You continue to be little miss party pants keeping awake all day until you crash at night. You don’t ever want to miss a trick! That’s a good thing. You keep focused and participate in all the activities you can. Everything we do from conversations to walks around the block help you to get stronger. For tonight, sleep and happy dreams, xoxo.