Hi Everyone,

It’s been a busy weekend! Project Rake has created a beautiful new deck and ramp for Corey. The ramp is the perfect angle for Corey to use for therapy when she begins to walk. It runs along the side of the house and leads to the driveway. I can’t wait to see her using it to take her first steps towards her way up and out of the neighborhood! Thank you again for choosing us as your summer project!

Corey’s coach came by this morning and she had her first therapy session in 9 days. Chris worked on her legs and arms yesterday and saw the improvement from yesterday in just the hour and half he worked with her today. His surprise and her improvement is exactly why we continue to push for the acute level of rehabilitation for all TBI patients after their hospital stay. Extensive, daily rehabilitation is critical to continue to progress. Without it, her legs were locking up, her left arm was not extending and she was much less alert and interactive.

Corey is determined to come out of this. We can see it. As Chris was ranging her to warm up, she would stiffen but then with his coaching she would breathe through it and continue until her muscles were pliable. He worked on each of her legs and arms and then with JohnPaul’s help, the guys had her standing for about 3 minutes. Corey sat for a break then the guys stood her up a second time. Third times the charm…we asked her if she wanted to take a few steps. With Chris behind her, JohnPaul in front of her and me alongside of her Corey took 4 steps. She would initiate the right step herself, Chris and JohnPaul manipulated the left step. It might have taken the 3 of us but she did it and loved it! She was also exhausted when it was over.

Corey with your determination, no goal is out of reach. Right now it may seem like you are facing insurmountable obstacles but your determination will make them attainable instead of impossible. I have been wondering how to maintain your determination. Truthfully, I’m over thinking it. All you have to do is simply remember it. Remember that you are determined and you will be. Determination is not going to solve the steps you need to reach your goal but determination will keep you going long enough to work through them.

I watched you work through your pain today. I watched you work through your migraines from the noise of the drills and hammers. Each time I asked you if you were okay and each time you would rub your head and give me a thumb up. You are incredibly strong. Much stronger than I bet you thought you were. Your determination and positive attitude is what will get you walking down that ramp and “telling” me you’re going out with friends. You have always accomplished a task you’ve decided to work towards. Your determination will answer the what, why and how that will carry you forward. I’m so proud of you! xoxo