Hi Everyone,

Corey had her nerve block tonight. The Doctor gave her valium to sedate her and then tested her left ankle. The left ankle is most critical as it appears to be increasing it’s “tone” more severely than the right ankle. This means that the brain is sending signals to the ankle and “locking” the muscles. Corey’s ankle is not moving and the therapists are having a difficult time flexing her left foot. It is impeding any progress she could make to stand and begin to put pressure on that foot in order to walk.

The doctor locates the nerve ending and gives her a shot of a nerve agent that will deaden the nerve. It “blocks” the signal. Tomorrow the therapist is going to work with Corey on the tilt table. This is also critical timing because her muscles have a window of time to become pliable to stand and walk. If this works and the team observe an increase in her range as she stands, the doctor will shoot the right ankle as well.

Corey was very tired after her shots. We did go outside to enjoy the warm evening but then came in early to allow her a restful night. We closed the evening with a movie; Ratatouille…a family favorite.
Corey actually picked the movie. I held each movie up, she gave me a thumb up to say she was interested as we went through the selection process. Once I narrowed down her selection to two choices, Corey lifted her arm and pointed to what she wanted!! That was a first that I saw!

Honey when I presented the movies to you I couldn’t help but think of your ability to make daily decisions. I also thought of the number of decisions I make in a day. Small decisions are vitally important. They keep us on track. The big decisions set the direction of where we are going. Small decisions are easy to make. It’s very important that we pay attention and take an active, intentional roll in the small decisions.

The big decisions reflect our commitment to our long term goals. The big decisions need careful thought and consideration. They can be scary. There are times that allowing a situation to play out rather than guide, control or influence the outcome is the best decision.

This week we have many, many choices that we have to consider that will lead us to make important decisions. Each of those in turn will direct us. If we think of the varied choices it will be overwhelming. We can only look at what will be presented tomorrow. What do we “have to do” tomorrow? We can only allow the next 24 hours to guide us.
PS – let’s start by taking the next 8 to sleep…Happy dreams, xoxo