Hi Everyone,
Corey had a difficult night. I’m not sure why? She was extremely restless and for the first time I witnessed her moving herself in her bed. This is not a bad thing; in fact, there is a stage in the Comma Recovery labeled the Agitative Stage. I’m not confirming that she’s hit this level yet but I can tell you that she was extremely uncomfortable tonight and did not want to settle in.

On a night like tonight when I leave late, tired from a full day of work, I’m worried, sad for Corey and a host of other emotions, I know I can’t go to sleep with what’s swirling in my head. Thank goodness for an open mind and heart. Once again I found what I need to keep our reality in perspective.

Today’s message;
Misfortune is difficult when you’re living through it. Yet as you do live through it, you build strength, experience, determination, and a solid connection to authentic purpose. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of your troubles, realize that as of now, you are very much a beneficiary of them. Though the pain may be deep, the power is even more profound. With a renewed sense of purpose, look forward and move forward.

Corey it was difficult to watch your discomfort tonight. As a parent I wanted to “fix it”, ease it, and take it away. Each day I am reminded that your body is healing. As much as I’d like to help, your body and mind are healing in your time. This is not something that even you can rush, push or resolve. It is a process that takes time, patience and acceptance for all of the above.

So what do we do while we wait? Our perspective will determine the answer to that question. We are the beneficiaries of this new life. Think of the people in our lives that are helping us through this time. Think of what we have learned, especially about ourselves. Is this the path we would have chosen, absolutely not! But I was reminded today that great gifts come from what appears to be the most undeserved circumstances. Those gifts are the secret ~ they aren’t always what we’re looking for or what we recognize as we receive them. When they are discovered, they are greater than what we would have chosen for ourselves. You help me and I’ll help you; let’s keep looking for them…Happy dreams, xoxo