Hi Everyone,

I’m guessing that the moving van isn’t showing up tomorrow. I haven’t heard anything from Bryn Mawr or the Insurance Company as to our denial or extension. I did hear from Medicaid however. They are working on approving the clinical hours needed to bring Corey home. I asked the appraiser’s opinion as to how many hours she thought we might get looking at Corey’s chart and medical needs. She’s unsure and can’t confirm, but might be able to swing 16-18 hours per day for a Nurse Assistant. Although Bryn Mawr did request an LPN or RN we’re not sure we’ll get that level of care. She actually said that she didn’t want to make me upset but the approval is not what I should worry about. I should be more worried about the home nursing companies. They are under staffed and my home location will definitely be a deterrent. We live too far out from most of the home care agencies.

All I could think of was Corey trying to explain to my sister-in-law Marjy about where we live. Although we live in New London, our mailing address is Lincoln University because there is no post office in New London. So technically, New London shouldn’t exist because the government only recognizes towns that have a post office. We had a town sign but someone knocked it down, so truly we live in a “no name” town. I’m guessing that nurses don’t travel to no name towns. We’re not going to worry about this tonight. Let’s get the maximum hours approved, contact the agencies and then we’ll know how we’ll proceed.

Corey, Diane and I sat on the deck by the goose pond tonight. Corey continues to be very present. She laughed at a story about Uncle Peter (Diane’s husband) that she and I never heard before! I’m so impressed and encouraged at her presence and awareness.

At the end of the evening, it was time to tuck her in and give her a kiss goodnight. Tonight I asked Corey, “how about your give me a kiss goodnight? Turn your head and give me a kiss goodnight”. Sure enough, Corey slowly turned her head to her left. I put my cheek on her lips and she made a munching motion with her mouth. I got a kiss goodnight! When I pulled up she was looking straight in my eyes and smiled.

Corey I’m so proud of you. I love that you are communicating with us. Watching you each day can sometimes seem as if things don’t change or don’t change quickly. Yet each day you do something new that we’ve never asked you and you surprise us…you do it! Thank you for my good night kiss! Happy dreams, I love you! xoxo