Hi Everyone,

Have you ever felt so completely exhausted you didn’t think you had an ounce of energy left? Was there a time that you thought, ‘no way, I can’t do one more thing to push towards the outcome or effort you were hoping to achieve’. A long time ago, I attended a sales seminar that taught a valuable perspective that could be utilized by any person regardless of age or career path to counteract the aforementioned thoughts.

‘When you feel like giving up, it’s a very good sign that you’re truly making progress. So by all means keep going. Eventually you’re going to reach the point where just one more attempt, one more effort will bring real success. What a shame it would be to give up just as you reached that point’.

This has been one heck of a week! To recap; we were told we were going to be denied on Monday. Denial and the last paid day would be Wednesday. Corey could stay at the rehab but on our dime with diminished services or we could move her temporarily to a nursing home today, Thursday!

Needless to say, those options were not acceptable. You may have noticed the late postings. Unfortunately, I have been researching and writing for our appeal rather than sleeping. (I know…I can hear your unpublished lectures) I filed for our member appeal yesterday but also contacted Bryn Mawr to ask that they appeal today. We were hoping to overturn the decision to discharge Corey.

Despite the sleep deprivation and exhaustion, I’m happy to say that after tonight’s appeal Corey has been extended until April 21st. What a feeling; exhaustion, excitement, relief. Keep in mind we have no time to rest. Until we receive our appeal date it’s steady and full steam ahead. Preparation continues for our formal appeal.

So what’s today’s lesson Corey? Keep going, keep making the effort, no matter what has happened before. Somewhere up ahead is that one more effort, the one that will take us all the way to where we want to be. We’re going to keep pushing Corey, even when we want to give up.

On second thought, perhaps we’ll take one night to rest a little! Happy dreams, xoxo