Hi Everyone,

Let the renovations begin. The back-up “Mom’s” are looking forward to hanging out and spoiling Corey. Volunteers are waiting to report and supplies have been purchased. We’re ready to start.

Unfortunately, Corey was physically sick again today. This time it wasn’t during the dispensing of medicine. Not sure what it was? Prior to the accident, Corey had very bad reflux. It could be that. They are trying a new medication that is for reflux as well as nausea. We hope it will work.

Other than Corey’s upset stomach, we had a good night. We were working with her colored pins, YES/NO cards and trying some random commands.

Corey’s gaining consistent accuracy with color differentials. She is attempting to reach out with her left arm now as well as trying to move the left leg. We even got some consistent left toe wiggles too. Speaking of toes; we used to call Corey “monkey girl” because she could pick anything up with her toes. As I was working with Corey on her responses, she was inconsistent and inaccurate with her hands to questions I knew she was used to. She kicked her foot up and hit the card in my hand. That gave me an idea.

I showed Corey the YES card and asked her to kick the card with her foot. With each request I moved the target left, right, center. I repeated the action with the NO card. Then I placed the cards side by side. I asked Corey to kick YES/NO/YES etc. Just to be sure, I switched the card position and repeated a different pattern. Corey succeeded with each test. I then asked her to grab the card with her toes and take it out of my hand. Then I asked her to give it back to me. Monkey Girl was 100% accurate with her responses and pattern test. ***Now she’s talking*** (figuratively speaking that is). This is the most consistent that I’ve witnessed. I asked her questions about the paint colors for her new room along with a few other questions that required her opinion. She kicked her answers and I “heard” her loud and clear!

I also witnessed another first for Miss Corey. One of the parents on the wing came in to see us. As they were leaving the room they said goodbye and I asked Corey, ‘will you wave goodbye’ (It was reported that she waved yesterday to Dr. Long, so I thought I’d test it myself). Sure enough; she lifted her arm, opened her hand and pumped her fingers 4 times to wave goodbye! That was great to see! We closed the night with watching the Phillies game and then my drive home to bed.

Time to rest for both of us, we have a big weekend ahead. It was a great night honey. I love working with you and watching your progress. See you in the morning. Happy dreams,xoxo