Hi Everyone,

Corey and I had a nice Saturday together. We washed her laundry, I gave her a manicure/pedicure, she went to the gym for a PT session and we worked on our homework assignments!

In PT, she stood in the tilt stand chair, exercised on the matte while laying on her stomach, then Jen lifted her to a kneel-stand position. Corey visually tracked her directional commands and we worked with bean bags reaching, grasping and releasing.

Donny, a weekend tech, hadn’t seen Corey respond to many commands. Corey and I were working with the felt bowling pins. From the hallway, Donny couldn’t figure out what we were doing! (Quite frankly the staff never knows what I’m going to come up with next!) We showed him what we do when we work on our homework.

Corey differentiated between the blue and red pin. She lifted her right leg to target blue-red-blue as well as other alternating color commands. Corey rotated her right foot in circles and reversed the direction when asked to do so. She reached for the pin when it was held out in front of her, opened her hand to grasp it, pulled it back towards her body then released her grip to hand it to me.

Corey was inconsistent with her YES/NO gestures but we did get 5 out of 5 for thumb up YES and 2 out of 5 for pointing her finger for NO.

The most exciting change today came as I was ranging her left leg. I told Corey I would count out loud for 10 repetitions. I asked her to count with me. With each bend of her knee, she hummed!

Sweetheart, what a fun day we had together! I love spending time with you. I’m so proud of your tenacity and willingness to keep working to strengthen your skills. Happy dreams honey. We get to play again tomorrow, xoxo