Hi Everyone,

How can you not have a good day when the Phillies win; a 3 game sweep to open the season no less?! Corey held her rally towel and proudly wore her T shirt. We enjoyed our day together.

She had OT this morning with George. Corey practiced sitting independently. She’s getting there…she held her self upright for one full minute. What I love is watching new therapists work with Corey. They know that she is doing well but don’t know the specific commands or directives that her usual therapists use. As a result, they try new commands and guess what…Corey is showing new movements!

George extended his hand to shake Corey’s, inviting her to reciprocate by saying ‘great job Corey, let’s shake on it’. She immediately lifted her arm and made the motion to extend her arm. I was very surprised! Her hand was clenched so he directed, ‘open your fingers to shake’. Sure enough, she opened her grip and connected with him.

Earlier this evening we skype’d with my niece Jennifer. Jen was always very close to Corey. When Corey was 3 years old, she got her first Barbie doll and she named her “Jenna-fur”. Tonight, Jen was asking Corey questions to illicit a thumb up response. Corey decided to show off and kick too! We did some target practice with the colored pins. I was telling Jen about Corey’s handshake with George. As I animated the motion, Corey reached out to shake my hand. I commented “are you reaching to shake my hand or wave to Jen”? Corey slowly switched her direction, lifted her arm higher, slightly turned her hand and opened her fingers almost to a full extension! We counted it as her 1st wave! She repeated the motion two more times.

Corey you continue to surprise me each day. Fair warning, I’m not holding back from today forward. We know you’re listening to each word we say and you confirm for us that you have cognitive understanding each time you follow a command you never were asked before. I’m excited and proud of you honey. I know these little gestures don’t seem to be very big, but they are tremendous signs that you’re on your way back baby!
I love you so much. Happy dreams, xoxo