I thought I’d share a funny story with you. I used to say to my mother, “the day I lose my sense of humor and stop laughing is the day you all better worry about me!” As you know, I’ve been a gypsy since the accident. I haven’t been staying at home except for a rare overnight visit. Last night was the night. I forced myself to go to bed around 1am. Roxie and Amelia usually sleep together in the crate at the foot of my bed. I have “guilt” that I haven’t been home in several months so when I am home I spoil them and let them sleep with me. They love that!

I was in a sound sleep when suddenly I woke up convinced Corey was making a sound trying to talk to me! As I opened my eyes, confusion flooded my semi-conscious thoughts. It’s pitch black…where am I?…it’s 4:30…wait, where’s Corey…I’m home…the noise…Ohhh, Roxie is snoring!
I had to laugh. As I thought of this during my work day I couldn’t help but keep laughing at myself! If Corey could roll her eyes and shake her head, I’m sure she would and say, “Mom, you’re losin’ it”!

Corey had a great visit with two of her closest girlfriends tonight. We are just starting to ask a few of her oldest and closest friends to come visit to see what type of reaction she may have. Again, we don’t know who or what will turn on that light switch! The girls had a great time decorating the cast on her right arm. I suggest you look at the latest picture in the gallery.

It was wonderful to see Corey content in the presence of the girls. They gossiped about boys, school and giggled while “coloring”. I stood back and watched the interaction. Corey watched them both intently. As each girl spoke, Corey’s eyes followed the conversation much like a tennis match. Corey’s right leg was very active as she was engaged in the visit.

My girlfriend, mom of one of the girls, is a special education teacher. She brought two sound machines that resemble the famous EASY button from Staples. One button was red and “spoke” NO, the other green and “spoke” YES. My girlfriend showed Corey the sound machines and explained how they worked. She told her she was going to ask her a question and she could say YES if she wanted to answer. She was rubbing Corey’s foot, then stopped and asked, “Corey, if you’d like me to keep rubbing your foot, press the button”. Corey definitely wanted a foot massage! She repeated the action and response 5 out of 5 times…and YES, we brought in a nurse to witness this!

Honey it was great to see you with your girlfriends. It brings back so many happy memories. More importantly, watching you comfortable and engaged was very exciting. What I cherished the most was the energy in the room. There was so much love from the friendship you three share it filled the room. You were with your “sister’s”. You are blessed in many ways sweetie. I’m grateful that you have experienced this friendship in your life. Happy dreams, xoxo