Hi Everyone,

It was a quiet night for Miss Corey. She had a new cast put on today pushing the extension further; however, she was uncomfortable and trying to cope with the new casting. We are hoping the regiment of Tylenol will help with the discomfort.

Despite her discomfort, Corey was sedate, appeared to be content just tired. She had a good long sleep when I first arrived this evening. When she was awake, quiet conversation was enough stimulation.

Corey, Shelly sent us some inspirational quotes. These quotes are worth repeating; they will give us the gentle reminder to hold on and keep fighting on the days we feel too tired to keep fighting.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time” – Abraham Lincoln

“continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection” – mark twain

Try to sleep well tonight Corey. The casts are necessary even though they don’t feel comfortable. Try to remember its temporary and another positive step towards your mobility. Happy dreams, xoxo

PS – for those of you who keep worrying, I’m finally tired too! Good night all!