To begin, NY was a blast! We had a great time at the Skate for Corey. All we can say is, the greatest joy comes from Friends and Family! We are blessed to receive this from multiple states and even Europe!

You all shared in the wonderful posts about Corey’s surgery Friday. However, our hopes and expectations from Friday were given a reality check. Saturday, unfortunately, she was in pain and not very responsive. Frankly, we were taken aback at the change. Sunday, several of our friends “took shifts” to keep Corey company while we were away. Nothing out of the ordinary was reported. Sunday night she was transferred to the step down unit and this evening she was transported back to the rehab! Sunday’s event and work today forced me to see Corey late this evening. It’s sad to report she is very swollen. The swelling is normal for the surgery she had but was startling to see after not spending time with her for two days. The staff will monitor her swelling closely. She was exhausted and again not very responsive. This is also a side affect from the swelling. Her eyes were centered, they did track left and right and she did move her head a few times as she was tracking. Her eye movements made me feel a little better.

Today was filled with work issues, insurance issues and calls to the hospital to check on Corey. The day was occupied with more unanswered questions and outcomes from every category. It’s a natural instinct to want to resolve a conflict. First step, analyze the situation. Second step, make a plan to overcome the challenges that block the progression or opportunity to move forward. Finally, execute a course of action for what we hope will create a successful resolution.

Things are never that neatly organized nor do they always follow a logical path! What do you do when you’re told the proactive steps that are a natural instinct and a comfortable course of action is no longer applicable? Do you begin fighting against the situation or do you focus on what you’re working towards? The answers to these questions do not clearly reveal themselves either. The answers come but not directly. They are often sent via messengers. The most wonderful gift of this experience is the number of people we’ve never met that have heard of Corey’s accident and are reaching out to share encouraging words, stories and donations to help!

I described a difficult, emotional, overwhelming day. Now let me share that throughout the day those messengers were sent. I received a letter from a woman in the mid-west that shared she has renewed her daily prayer life on Corey’s behalf. This is just one way Corey has influenced this woman, she listed several heartwarming examples. We received a donation from a man that lives in California that heard through a friend of a friend what had happened. His brother had a similar injury and he remembered how others reached out to his family and he wanted to repay that generosity as he “paid it forward” to Corey. Another surprise was a conversation with a woman whose husband has survived a traumatic brain injury from 5 years ago. She was encouraging and supportive. We shared the shock, pain and struggle of what feels like an eternity but is really just the beginning. She then shared the progress that is to come that we do not have the clarity to see or imagine yet. Although her husband is not 100%, he’s back to work at near 90%. Her husband is ABC news reporter Bob Woodruff.

So the messages sent today;
Keep an open heart as we wait, it leads to trust.
Keep an open mind and look for the daily changes “yet to come” and celebrate each one, it leads to faith.
Keep listening for the messages that will encourage your spirit and attitude, it gives daily strength.

Corey you are back in your (temporary) room, tucked in, safe and warm. As Lee Woodruff said, ‘it will never get worse than it has already been. Not that there won’t still be challenges and set backs, but the worst part is over” “Changes are coming and are worth fighting for”!
Rest well knowing we’re here sweetie, right beside you. Happy Dreams xoxo