Hi Everyone,

Caitlin affectionately called Corey’s procedure yesterday her “Humpty Dumpty Surgery” – They put her back together again!
Today, Corey was more like Winkin’ Blinkin’ and Nod!
We can report that her vitals are strong, her drainage is minimal and she seemed very comfortable all day. She’s been dozing in and out. She hasn’t been as alert as most other days but we’ll give her some slack, after all she did have major surgery yesterday!

We want to let you know that tomorrow, December 12th; there will not be a post. We are traveling to Long Island for a Fundraising event called “Skate for Corey”. The local High School – SCHSHL, Pepsi, Domino’s, Port Jefferson Sporting Goods, PRIDE Ice Hockey and the NY Islanders are hosting the event. This event will be held at The Rinx in Islip from 6-8:30 pm.
There will be family skating, a visit from Santa and the NY Islanders mascot SPARKY.

It will be a wonderful day visiting with our family as well as our Hockey Family! We will definitely post the details of our visit on Monday.

Corey and I are watching the Santa Claus as I type this. This series was always one of our family favorites. As I sit and think of Christmas, wonderful memories come to mind. I can’t help but smile when I think of my childhood family Christmas and the traditions that we carried forward to share with our kids. It is my hope you all are enjoying the preparation for your family traditions. There is nothing like family! Thank you ALL for being such an integral part of ours!

All our love,
The Beattie’s xoxo