Hi everyone,

We’ve shared with you that Corey’s nurses have been amazing. They rotate every 6 days working 12 hour shifts each day. The entire floor checks in on Corey even though she is not assigned to most of them! Many of the staff are now coming off and will miss Corey’s 18th birthday on Wednesday. This morning, we came into her room and it was decorated with purple, lime green and princess streamers. They also hung a Happy “Almost” Birthday Banner on the wall. They didn’t want to miss celebrating with her!

Her little cubicle is beginning to take on life and personality just like Corey. We have picture collages from her girlfriends hanging on both walls (which by the way, the staff LOVES the crazy photo’s) She has teddy bears, balloons, cards, her princess blanket/pillow and her assortment of scarves that the nurses fight over which will best compliment either her senior shirt or Phillies shirt that they drape over her. I swear they love playing dress up with her. It’s wonderful!

Clinically, she had a big day. PS – we are now enrolled in Parent Pre-Med. Vocabulary is still a little tricky so we may phonetically spell some of what we share, but what do you expect from a 1st year?

Corey still has the flu and pneumonia. Her fever still spikes through the day/night but it appears that the antibiotics are working because the chest x-rays are looking much better and her lungs are beginning to sound clear.

Corey has had a breathing tube and feeding tube in her mouth since she was admitted. Today they relocated the breathing tube to a trach (sounds like Trake)
They also placed the feeding tube at the abdomen. This is very good. It secures her airway and is much more comfortable for her. It is also safer for her to go into the other surgeries she needs to have. Now she looks like Sleeping Beauty with a neck brace!

Speaking of her other surgeries, she’s been cleared for the femur surgery tomorrow. We don’t have a time yet. Good news is, she’s not a priority and could get bumped from the OR if there is another trauma. How great is that, she’s NOT a priority!

Thank you all for your notes on this page. We can’t begin to tell you the strength we gain from reading your messages. Soon we will be able to bring the laptop into her and begin to read to her. Your prayers, love and support mean so much!
All our love,
The Beattie’s