Hi everyone,

Every athlete will tell you that they need a day of rest when they are training for a marathon. Today was Corey’s day. She had a lot of tests that wore the poor little thing out. She got quite a workout and was wiped out. In between tests, he was very quiet. Temperature is still low grade but she scored a 7T today.

Although there is little to report tonight, we thought it very important to let you all know that Corey “looks” beautiful. It is completely amazing that she was in a severe accident yet she doesn’t have one scratch or one bruise on her face. The Corey you all remember looks like she’s lying in her bed sleeping peacefully. And let’s not forget what’s really important…”it’s not how you feel dah-ling, its how you look; and she loooks MAHVELOUS”!

We pray that we all rest well tonight.
Our little fighter needs to rest for tomorrow’s workout.