hi everyone this is corey

i have a really bad headache. its my goal to go one day without a headache but i don’t think it is going to happen.

i went to bryn mawr today anyway. i worked with Natalie on step exercises then i worked with Anne on pushups against a bolster and pull ups using a pole then i did AB work. i still had my headache.

i promised to write a recipe. i am not sure of all the measurements but here it is. (mom helped me remember the steps in order)

first cook the chicken breasts. cut them thin, cook them in a pan in olive oil with salt and pepper until slightly brown on the outside.

after they are cooked, put them on a plate covered with aluminum foil to keep warm. don’t put them in an oven or they will dry out.

put asparagus in a pan, sprinkle with salt/pepper and put it in the oven set at 375 to roast.

start rice pilaf in the microwave; it takes about 30 minutes for the rice and asparagus to cook.

then cut mushrooms and sweet onions in little bits, sauté them in the pan; sprinkle the spice thyme and let it simmer

when the mushrooms and onions are almost cooked, add dry white wine and turn up the heat a little. let the wine boil then turn down the stove to simmer again.

add French’s Honey Mustard dipping sauce; squeeze 2 large plops; probably like a 1/4 cup each, stir everything. then add a little bit of light cream but not too much to make it too thin.

first put the rice on the plate, then put the chicken and cover with the sauce. you can criss cross the asparagus and you are ready to eat.

my cousin Kerri really liked this dinner i hope you do too, xoxo