Hi Everyone,

Despite a little more sleep last night we are beginning to see the fatigue patterns in Corey’s day. The morning session 11-12 is tough but she is doing very well during the 2-3 session. We are going to try to keep PT in the afternoon.

Corey did very well with Natalie today. In fact, Natalie commented to Corey, “are you working with anyone else when I’m not around”? Her steps were more fluid today than yesterday. She was kicking through and stepping heel-toe. In fact, today for the first time the girls didn’t need me to hold the Moses stick.

Normally Corey will place her hand at the top of the 6’ stick. I position my hands on the pole at her chest and hip height. After Corey steps with her left foot, I move the pole forward a steps length. She transfers her weight to her left leg in order to lift and kick through with her right. Her right hand/arm utilizes the pole as an upper body support. Today, Corey not only held the pole but moved it forward herself with each step, I stood back and watched.

Corey, my last memory of you before the accident was kissing you goodbye and watching you walk out the side door. Watching you walk away from me today gave me the greatest joy I’ve felt in a very long time. You are on your way to being independent again! This is not easy work. Every minute of every day and every step takes effort. You’ve always had the choice to sit back, make excuses and not participate. What a waste of time and energy! Look at what you’ve accomplished by standing up, stepping forward and surpassing everyone’s expectations.

Never give up and never give in ~ you keep walking towards your goals and you’ll make your dreams come true…Johnson & Wales…she’s coming, xoxo