Hi Everyone,

There have been a few people in the last 17 months that have told me the fight for the length of stay in rehab, insurance coverage, change in legislation for healthcare reform and getting a light installed at Corey’s intersection is a fight bigger than me and Corey. We are the ants pushing the boulder up hill. Our singular voices can’t be heard.

Everyday there is a new problem to resolve. Everyday someone is telling us all the reasons that our goal cannot be reached. Everyday someone is telling us NO.

Fortunately for us we don’t take NO from someone that can’t say YES!

I will agree with some of the naysayer’s; this is definitely bigger than Corey and me.
It’s HUGE ~ because we have all of you pushing that boulder up hill with us!

I’m writing to tell you that we ARE being heard. Senator Pileggi’s office has called me twice this week to follow up on phone calls that have inundated his staff. State Representative Lawrence was approached on the House floor by a colleague in Elk County, near Pittsburgh. He was handed several copies of emails about Corey’s Corner. Senator Tartaglione, Senator Casey and Senator Toomey of PA, called to see how they can help. Senator Gillibrand of NY and Senator Blumenthal of CT called us as well. Our online petition has over 1,000 signatures in just two weeks.

For those of you who are local, our rally will be held Saturday, March 24th from 4:30 to 6:00. Please come early and park at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church parking lot. Walk across the field to the 841/896 intersection. Please make a sign to bring with you so we can line the road to send the message; “Slow Down”, “We Want a Traffic Light”. Feel free to create your own sign; get creative and colorful! State Representative Lawrence will be in attendance and Senator Pileggi’s office is trying to arrange his schedule so he can join us at 4:30. Please tell your neighbors and friends. Please go online and sign our petition, post your personal experience.

Together we will make a difference. “They” are right…but we don’t listen very well…perhaps they should hear us…YES WE CAN!

Now onto the most important part of our day ~ Corey had another amazing first! She was having a difficult morning and I had to call to push back her ST/PT sessions. Gillian arrived at 12:30. Corey was not cooperating and did not want to walk with the walker, stand at the sink or participate with her session. We coerced her into standing at the beginning of the kitchen counter with her right hand guiding the length of the counter to the sink, then to the stove, turning to step towards the island, continue across the length of the island and back to her chair by the kitchen table. She walked this distance without her walker. It gets better. For the very first time (twice within that distance) she lifted her left knee raising her left foot off the floor to take a step and follow through. We literally screamed out overjoyed to see her take her first steps with her left leg.

Corey there will always be people in your life that will tell you all the reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t and won’t accomplish whatever you decide to work towards. It’s just their opinion not your reality. Don’t ever give up and don’t ever quit. You are literally taking steps everyday towards your dreams.

You can
You will
You are making it happen.
I’m so proud of you, xoxo