Hi Everyone,

Gillian needed to evaluate Corey for the Insurance update. This normally is nerve wracking for us. Corey has been working so hard and I’m excited to tell you that she gave Gillian something very exciting to report.

Gillian typically tests Corey by reviewing the exercises we’ve been working on via the matte. Keep in mind, there has to be measurable progress. For one of the exercises, Gillian used the roll under her knees. She asked Corey to lift and extend her right leg. This is a normal stretch Corey can do with little effort. Not expecting any movement, Gillian asked Corey to raise her left leg. Corey concentrated and then lifted her heel off the matte. I told Gillian that Corey did this last weekend in bed but when she saw it herself she was shocked. She immediately measured the range of motion that would show how much Corey lifted and straightened her leg. (The goal will be working towards a Zero measurement which is fully extended and horizontal).

The second lift was -30 degrees (this is the measurement of the bent knee as the heel is raised with an attempt to straighten the leg).
The third lift was -20 degrees
The fourth lift was -18
Corey’s hasn’t moved/lifted her left leg in 15 months. Her surgery was on the right leg. Gillian said that -20 is the normal range for someone that just had knee surgery. She and our nurse were cheering and giving Corey High Five’s!

After stretching on the matte Corey moved to the standing frame. We are working towards her standing 3x/day for 10 minutes each time. Corey has only had the stamina to stand 1x/day for close to 10 minutes. Today she stood for 14 minutes.

The PT evaluation and use of the standing frame wiped her out. This afternoon, she was still tired for her OT but pushed through the session.

Corey, the exhaustion you feel is well deserved. Sleep well sweetie, we are so proud of you. Happy dreams xoxo
PS – way to go! So glad you picked today to show off!!!!!