Hi Everyone,

Corey was exhausted today. I’m not sure why? Her fatigue didn’t stop her from her therapies or her afternoon school lesson. In fact I have a new record to report…

Corey sat independently on the side of the matte for 12 minutes!!! We place a full length mirror in front of her. Just like many athletes, she uses the mirror to watch her form. As she began to tilt forward, backward or side to side, she would correct her posture to find her “middle”. The Physical Therapist didn’t have to help her re-position or “catch” her if she leaned too far in one direction. This is big news! It is a sign that her core muscles are getting stronger.

She also showed us another new first. Normally Corey will roll to her left side on her own. Her dominant leg and arm (the right side) leads. Today, Corey was on the matte and attempted to roll onto her right side. This is also very big news. She had to lift her left shoulder and hip in order to initiate the roll. She then used her right foot positioned under her left calf to lift and pull her left leg over. It was very awkward but she did it!

Tomorrow we head to the orthopedic surgeon. We will share her Physical accomplishments but will also discuss what her plan of care should be moving forward; including wearing her braces and possibly pursuing the serial casting. We will also ask about the limited range of the upper arms and any suggestions for improving the function of the upper body.

Corey rest is just as important as your daily therapies. I’m proud of you for recognizing your limitations and communicating them with us. It was amazing to see the improvement in your sitting today. Do you realize that last week you couldn’t sit without swaying and toppling over in each direction? Look at what you achieved in just one week! Amazing Corey girl…amazing! xoxo