Hi Everyone,

Corey is definitely feeling much better than she did on Friday; thank goodness! The beach was fun for me on Saturday. It included a spa afternoon which I desperately needed and today JohnPaul came out to visit.

JohnPaul hadn’t seen Corey in a few weeks. The two of them bonded using the dry erase board. Corey is writing very quickly, in cursive, placing one letter on top of the other. We have to remind her to slow down and take her time so we can read and understand what she’s trying to say.

John Paul wrote his questions instead of speaking them out loud to test Corey’s ability to read. She passed by writing accurate answers. He was very impressed! He also was testing her on harder spelling words which she could spell easily (she was the family speller). He decided to test her further. JohnPaul asked Corey “Okay, Cor ~ what’s 5 + 5”. Corey wrote her answer…NO MATH! We screamed with laughter.

Today a friend was speaking about allowing yourself time to “Play”. She recalled an experience from her childhood and the Joy that can happen from the simplest moments. I was thinking about Corey and her recent achievements. I’m always mindful of all the families that have a loved one with a stroke, ABI or TBI. The Medical world can not tell us what to expect, when to expect it or how our family member will heal or recover. Each day we wait for something new.

The only way to cope is to try tofocus on today. I am guilty of looking at the entire 24 hours. What needs to be done, which nurse is on today, who’s coming in for therapy, what do we need from the grocery/drug store, what appointments do I have for work, what paperwork needs to be completed, did I go through the mail, do I have the list of return calls that need to be made today? This process is consuming and distracting. Today I was reminded that when my ‘Tsunami To Do’ list begins to flood my mind I have to not only look at today but also look at the moment. I have to be present to connect and participate in the Joy of what’s in front of me. That’s the secret that will allow me to find my balance, my joy and remind me ‘how to play’.

Corey when you and I are together, it’s as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I look at you and I’m fascinated by what you must think, what your mind is doing to express what’s inside trying to get out. I love to play with you and when you discover something new or surprise me with your sense of humor, I feel a rush of happiness. Sometimes it feels like the original Grinch cartoon ~ my heart grows 3 sizes. This feeling is what I hope all families can share. You definitely know what you want and what you DON’T want. Your ability to express it is the result of the daily interaction between us, the nurses and the therapists. This is what I want for all TBI patients and their families. This is what we all deserve; the opportunity to show us how you’re healing, what you’re capable of and allowing us to share the joy of each experience. I can’t wait to play again tomorrow! xoxo