Hi Everyone,

Many of you have posted that you can’t wait for the morning to read Corey’s daily progress. Tonight, I couldn’t wait to write it! I arrived home from work at 6pm in time for my shift. Sharise and Corey were waiting for me in the kitchen. The two of them were very excited to show me what Corey was working on. I’ve shared with you that Corey and I have been practicing the stand up/sit down motion on the matte and the side of her bed. It’s difficult to hold the stance when it’s just the two of us. When the nurses are here, together we can get Corey standing for longer periods. It is critical that Corey stands everyday. At Bryn Mawr she was standing for up to 30 minutes with assistance. She walked up to 40 feet. She hasn’t had that intense therapy since May 28th. Without the daily weight baring exercises, Corey will not be able to stand or walk independently. We do the best we can but without the bodies to assist and the proper PT tools, it’s difficult. I am trying to find a company that will sell to the residential client but until then…we’ve gotten creative.

Sharise and I have been working with Corey since last week to stand and hold her posture for an extended period. Corey had PT/OT/ST from the insurance company come for therapy today…it’s their last visits. Corey once again didn’t want to rest so Sharise took her into the Living room for exercise. Corey kept trying to sit up and attempt to stand up. Sharise was by herself and can’t manage Corey alone. She came up with a brilliant plan.
This is what they worked on and surprised me with…

Sharise wheeled Corey to the kitchen sink. Corey reached over to the sink with her right hand, pulled her self forward and pushed/pulled her way to a standing position (with some assistance from Sharise but not much!) Corey held the posture longer and longer. They worked on this from 2pm to 4pm. She not only stood at the sink, she released her grasp, reached across and pulled the lever to turn the faucet on. Finally…some help with the dishes! We also tried to have her stand at the island. She not only stood, we worked with her to take 4 steps. She leads with her right and we manipulate the left foot to follow. We were elated and Corey loved it.

This evening a woman physical therapist who might be interested in working with us privately came to evaluate Corey. She worked with another young man locally for several years that has suffered the same injury as Corey. She was amazed at Corey’s capabilities. She could not believe that the medical records stated that Corey functionally plateud. She believes that Corey has great potential to continue to advance. Sharise commented that she has only been with us for 2 weeks and she has seen a huge improvement especially in the last 3 days!

Corey I know I keep saying the same thing, but YOU ARE AMAZING! I couldn’t believe what you accomplished today. You may not be speaking yet, but you are shouting to us that you’re ready to go and just need to get started. We hear you sweetie. We’re going to keep giving you the opportunities to stand, walk and communicate. We are so so proud of you! You do realize that as soon as you can stand by yourself, you can reach over and turn on the stove. The pots and spatula’s are ready kiddo. I’ll make you a deal; you cook dinner and I’ll do the dishes!
Happy dreams, I love you so much XOXO