Hi Everyone,

Our first outing was a success! Corey handled the morning routine, drive in the new van to Kennett and her first visit to the Candy Store! I was secretly worried her vertigo would manifest itself with car sickness, but she proved me wrong! Corey enjoyed her visit to the Candy Store the most, especially since Sue was waiting for her to come back in to get her paycheck!

Her baseline exam went well. The Doctor ordered a full series of blood work, as well as ordering a swallow test, a vision screening and she recommended a Doctor, who happens to be her personal friend that specializes in Migraines! She would also like to see Corey once a month for a few months to start. The Doctor was very impressed with Corey’s progress so far.

Speaking of impressed, we had a new nurse today; a young woman that has been working for the nursing agency for 4 years. She has been assigned to a TBI patient that is in his 6th year of recovery. In working with him and his therapists, she learned of several apps for the IPad that she thought would help Corey. Some were games, some were communication apps. She was amazing with Corey. During one of her transitions from the chair to the bed, Angie was telling the steps of the transition process to Corey. She asked Corey to lean forward to prepare for the move. Corey can not sit independently yet. She also does not have full control of her trunk muscles. Today, she moved forward to Angie’s shoulder without assistance! I was so surprised and told Angie it was a first. She looked at me and said, ‘has anyone asked Corey before’? Touché…that’s my philosophy! We have no idea what Corey is capable of so why not ask?! Corey not only leaned forward, Angie had her standing during the transition and Corey looked right at her and smiled…Corey’s smile has only been on the right side of her mouth. The smile she gave Angie was a full smile; left and right side. I’ve missed that beautiful full smile.

Angie educated me on several “tricks of the trade” in caring for Corey. I shared my “tricks” for packing the car bag. Angie shared with me that she had no idea what to expect when she arrived at our home. She read the report, care plan and summary of Corey’s accident. She had no expectations other than her experience with her current client. She shared with me that she was amazed at what Corey was doing and her current client is no where near Corey’s progress! Angie’s observation meant more to me than I could express…once again, confident Hope filled my heart! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Angie would like Corey to be her regular case.

Corey you are doing so well. It’s hard to see when were going through the daily motions but it’s incredibly encouraging when new people share their observations. I’m so proud of you. We will continue to “ask” you to do things. After watching you this week I have no doubt that you’ll be responding and continuing to surprise us. I found a great quote that is perfect for today…and tomorrow;

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow ~ Orison Swett Marden