Hi Everyone,

I heard from many of you that you didn’t receive notification of the post from March 4th. We are well and still writing! I was going to reattach the entry from yesterday for those of you who didn’t receive it, but I think it was blocked because of the links attached. I think you can still view it.

I was in New Hampshire overnight looking at a Sub Acute facility that specializes in TBI (traumatic brain injury) Look at March 4th for that post.

It was great to be reunited with Corey this afternoon. She looks good and was very aware that I was back. We were watching the Pixar weekend marathon tonight. ANT’s was playing. There was a conversation between Flick and Dot that struck a cord with me. Flick was comforting Dot. She was upset because she hadn’t developed her wings yet and she wanted to fly. Flick compared her to the seed that will grow into the mighty tree. It just takes time.

This made me think of Corey. The reality is she is healing in her time. There’s nothing we can do to rush that or push that. All we can do is help to stimulate, nourish and encourage her healing as best we can. A good friend of mine told me a long time ago, “You’re right where you need to be today”. As much as we’d like to push faster and harder, it’s going to happen when it happens.

Corey we know that you want your recovery to accelerate too. But we need to be reminded that you’ve already achieved so much and more is coming. Keep trying. Don’t give up; you are on your way! Happy dreams, xoxo