There was no rest for the weary at the Rehab! Corey started her therapy at 8am this morning, finishing up at 2:30. In PT she worked on the tilt table, bolster and large mat. OT tortured her with ice gloves and tried to get her to focus on pictures of the senior girls cheerleading team. Speech also had her munching on a pink Popsicle. The toll of her field trip yesterday was very noticeable today. She was tired and less alert. She still did well and we could tell she was trying hard. The doctors changed her weight baring status so many of her exercises will be changing. It will be interesting to learn the new techniques her therapists will use.

My sister Diane came down this weekend to stay with Corey so I could run home and get some things for us. Roxie and Amelia loved the company, but Roxie is not happy that I don’t spoil her the way my neighbors have been! Her dog treats are in the laundry room. Every time my neighbors leave, they take a treat, throw it into the kitchen so they can escape out the side door without Roxie trying to come with them. Mom wasn’t so generous. Every time I went into the laundry room she was looking at me like, “whoa hoo! Here it comes”. There’s nothing sadder than puppy dog eyes! PS-she got a treat when I left!

Among a few chores I wanted to accomplish, like vacuuming enough animal hair to build a companion to Roxie and Amelia, I also wanted to do some of Corey’s laundry to bring some more things back with me to the Rehab hospital. The weekend of the accident, she and I were supposed to catch up on laundry. Needless to say, now we’re really behind! I went into Corey’s room to gather whatever she didn’t get into the laundry “mountain” (forget pile) It’s an interesting thing going into your daughter’s room when she’s not there. I found the brand new pack of razor blades I bought myself, new hairspray bottle for me and the missing house keys that I was sure was another sign of my losing my mind. When this kid wakes up, we’ll be having all sorts of conversations!

Not being home for a month, you can imagine the mail and voice messages that were waiting. I am compelled to write again, THANK YOU! There were cards and notes from people we know and people we have yet had the privilege of meeting. I must admit, the thought of coming home and being here, even if it’s only a few hours, caused some anxiety. When I began reading the correspondence from all of you, I was comforted and less afraid to be here without Corey’s presence. We have tried to share what your notes on the carepages, text messages, emails and cards mean to JohnPaul, Caitlin, John and I. I hope this small example will suffice in expressing just how valued you all are to our family!

Thanks again for your love, support and prayers.
Love the Beattie’s xoxo