Hi Everyone,
Today I will share a twist on a family favorite; French Onion Chicken. I don’t remember where we found this recipe but it’s a good one. I love French’s Onion Rings on the famous string bean casserole side dish, so I thought hey…why not try it on Chicken? This recipe is not gluten-free but it is still delicious and nutritious.

This recipe is a great example of my cooking therapy. I use a rolling pin to crush the onion rings. Holding the rolling pin and moving it back and forth works my upper extremities which is occupational therapy. Standing in the harness (for safety) helps with balance and is physical therapy. When I follow the steps of a recipe, write about recipes and list ingredients, that’s cognitive therapy. And when I taste the finished product, that’s definitely emotional therapy because it makes me happy!

ASK CHEF COREY – Thank you Aunt Diane for sending in my first research question. Aunt Diane asked me how to mince fresh ginger. I love watching YouTube. I think it’s like being home schooled for culinary. Use the back of a spoon to peel the skin off the ginger. Cut the size chunk you need for your recipe (usually a thumb size is good). Cut the ginger into super thin slices, and then keep cutting it into finer pieces. Ginger is a root. Grating it is hard and makes a mess. Cutting the ginger instead of grating it preserves the juices which is where the flavor is.

If you want to share how you use your favorite ingredients in new ways or have a new question I can research, please click the ASK CHEF COREY link and send it to me.

Please enjoy and I hope you will include this recipe in your family favorites, xoxo