hello every one this is corey

today was not a good day. my mom worked and i was angry and acting out. the only thing is that i do not truly remember why?

on a positive note, i ended my day with a delicious dinner for my mom.

i went to the refrigerator to find the ingredients, then i put the list into google. a lot of recipes came up and i picked chicken with caramelized onion, tomato and feta cheese.

1st i had to slice the tomatoes. i do not know if you know this but grape tomatoes are really slippery and a few got away from me. so i stabbed the grape tomato with a fork to hold it with my left hand and sliced it with my right. vidalia onions are not slippery but this trick works to cut them too.

it takes about 20 mins to caramelize onions in olive oil but boy are they yummy! when they are almost brown i add the tomatoes while the chicken is cooking in a different pan.

when i plated my dinner i served the chicken with rice and green beans. i poured the onions and tomatoes over the chicken and added the feta cheese with a little basil. mom loved it. she said if i cooked this again she would definitely eat it again.

so even though it was a bad day i turned it around. mom posted a picture of me too, xoxo