Hi Everyone,

We all are “trained” to have goals and to plan for the future. If we work that plan properly A-B-C will lead to X-Y-Z. Our lives are driven by our schedule towards that end whether it’s getting up for class, going to work, running kids to/from a sporting event, the gym, preparing a quick meal, homework, papers, bills and prior to closing our eyes at the end of the present day we’re busy thinking of what is on the “To Do” list for the following day, week and/or month. We’re always planning our next move. Sometimes the fastest move forward is to slow down. A slower pace with deliberate and thoughtful actions will achieve much more than a frantic push to get it all done.

I have been observing Corey and her therapists from a distance throughout our time here. She continues to grow and progress not only because the schedule and goals are dictating the push; but the conscious pace of the moments within the session. The actual session it self is relaxed and flexible. The therapists enthusiastically greet her ready to “play” some games. The exercise goals are camouflaged by the creative techniques used to accomplish the ultimate goal ~ continued incremental progress. Watching Corey and her therapists it’s obvious that they are working on the goals of each task but more importantly they are focused on each other as they work. They are in the moment, communicating beyond the verbal ques. Corey is open and receptive. They have earned her trust.

The slower paced weekend did not diminish the strides she continues to make. Cara, OT, casually asked Corey to flex her left wrist raising her hand towards the ceiling. We were both surprised by the effortless motion to raise her hand. If you place your hand at neutral (hand extended, level with your forearm, palm down) then raise your fingers toward the ceiling, this would be the range of motion stopping at 90 degrees. When we arrived 4 weeks ago Corey could only open her hand, palm down and not flex her wrist upward. Yesterday she showed significant improvement. Cara measured her range of motion from neutral to 55 degrees.

Corey although we are planning and scheduling your day, you actually are the person in control of each session. You set the pace, directing your progress. Our role is only to help facilitate the exercises. You are the only one that can limit or propel the outcome.

Thank you for never setting barriers to your progress. You teach me patience, acceptance, persistence, courage, humor, stubbornness and strength within each of those sessions. These teachable moments are invaluable to me. You remind me that even though we have an agenda, we have to stay focused on what is happening within the moment. Follow the plan but don’t let your mind wander from the task; enjoy it as its happening. Take nothing for granted. If we don’t pay attention to staying present, we’ll miss the smallest detail that is truly a great accomplishment. There is so much more to come! xoxo