Hi Everyone,

Corey is having some difficulty with her left leg. Now that the casts are off, we can see the left ankle is still swollen and she is having difficulty bearing weight on it without the support of the cast. We will be looking at it more closely tomorrow. Carlo Coco measured her range to make cast molds for a brace called a Mofo. It is a brace that fits on the sole of her foot and up the back of her leg. It will stabilize her foot/leg as she wears regular sneakers and maintain the 90 degree angle achieved with surgery. Carlo has known Corey since November of 2010. When he saw her today (first time in 6 months), he was amazed at her progress!

Speaking of progress…Corey had an interesting PT/OT session this afternoon. She participated in Equestrian Therapy. That’s right, she rode on a horse! We were told that she would ride a horse named Libby. She was excited because she has a cousin named Libby. Unfortunately, Libby was acting a bit temperamental today so they switched her out for Argus; “Gus” for short.

Natalie and Lauren, two of our therapists, led the Thorncroft staff to assist Corey with her first ride on a horse. It was fascinating for me to watch her (I actually got a bit teary). We are posting the video of the first run and the dismount. Corey is caught on tape stating; “this is so much fun”! Wait until you see our girl…we hope to add this to our therapy sessions! xoxo

Corey Beattie Equestrian Therapy 1

Corey Beattie Equestrian Therapy 2