Hi Everyone,

The casts are off but…temporary boots are on. At least Corey says they are much more comfortable than the casts. Unfortunately, they are heavier. We are going to call them “Summer Uggs”. We can’t paint them but I think we might have to add some colorful ribbons and bows! (Check out the gallery)

It’s been a very tough day; a good news ~ bad news kind of day.

~ Good news, we are staying another week. Discharge will be next Tuesday June 12th.
~ Good news, we have another week to truly see what Corey is capable of now that both her feet are at 90 degrees. Her right foot has full range of motion and she can move her left foot in an up and down motion. She can also lift and lower her left toes. We still need to work with her to move her foot side to side as well as in a circular motion.
~ Good news, we are working with the Behavioral Therapist on a plan to help us work with Corey as she navigates this Agitated (4th) Stage of recovery.

~ Bad news, the 4th stage is in full swing! It was a really tough day!!
~ Bad news, we are still working through which rehab environment will be most suitable for Corey. We don’t want to lose momentum with her progress or the benefits of the surgery which will give her unlimited potential especially now that the left side is waking up. We also need to consider the experience of the staff working with Corey; not clinically but neurologically…are they familiar for Stage 4?
~ Bad news, we are still having home nursing issues. At the moment both nursing agencies don’t have the nursing staff to fill the hours for our case.

Corey, everyone has good news ~ bad news throughout their day. Sometimes the bad news can seem overwhelming and over shadow the Good news moments that are present EVERY DAY. Some days it helps to write it out or take a moment to step outside for fresh air. The break helps clear the emotion of the moment.

You reminded me of this today. Dr. Ruggiero’s office building has a handicapped ramp that has a winding entry on a steep incline. As we approached the automatic door, the button did not work. I was very upset. You were on a hill. There was nothing within reach to use as a door stop to prop the door open and safely push you through. I locked your chair, opened the door propping it open with one of my legs, held the front of the chair with one hand as I used my other leg to release the breaks and pull you forward. It was a new version of Twister; trust me, if anyone was filming us, we would have won $100,000!

As I was pulling you through the threshold, completely frustrated, I spoke out loud stating “this really sucks”! You pointed your finger at me and said, “I’m agreeing with you”. We laughed out loud together. We entered the elevator that just barely fit your extended legs and chair on a diagonal, the doors closed, I pushed the second floor button when you looked at me and said, “Take a breath mom, it’s going to be okay”!

Honey, you have no idea how that moment of clarity helped me. I thought of that scene repeatedly today as I handled each of the bad news moments. You reminded me that those overwhelming moments are nothing that won’t eventually work out. Thank you for always reminding me to keep “life” in perspective. I love you so much, xoxo