Hi Everyone,

The team met today and although we haven’t officially been told, we believe we were approved for another week. (I’m sure if we weren’t approved, we would have been approached before the end of the business day).

Corey has goals set for each discipline; PT/OT/ST as well as Cognitive Therapy. She certainly is meeting and exceeding the initial targets set for her first two weeks. Last night we mentioned the removal of her feeding tube as a goal. We are also working towards building Corey’s stamina to hopefully progress towards out-patient therapy.

In the last year, Corey has been unable to sustain a full day’s activity without several rest periods throughout her day. Even simple car rides to and from Doctor Appointments causes fatigue. Our first two weeks at Bryn Mawr have included 1.5 hours in the middle of the day for lunch/rest time as well as two 30 minute breaks between sessions both morning and afternoon. This week, we will try to bring the rest time down to 1 hour with just one additional 30 minute break in the afternoon.

To give you an idea of the regimented therapy schedule Corey endures, today’s schedule was as follows;

10:00-11:00 OT
11:00-12:00 PT
12:00-1:00 Rest time/Lunch
1:00-1:30 OT
2:00-2:30 ST
2:30-3:00 PT
3:00-4:00 CT (cognitive therapy)
4:30-7:00 Dinner/Spa night every other evening

Her day begins anytime between 5-6:30am depending on how well she sleeps through the night. By 7pm, she’s overtired and in pain. Her fatigue and pain causes’ anger and she becomes fixated on wanting to “take my shoes off”. In addition she is still having difficulty coping with disorientation as to where she is, when can she go home, why JohnPaul and Caitlin aren’t coming to see her and a host of additional repetitive questions. By 10pm we’re both ready for pain meds! (PS – her shoes come off June 5th…only 6 more days)

Corey continually surprises all of us despite her fatigue and frustration. She doesn’t back down or quit early and throughout her sessions she is smiling ear to ear.

Today was no exception. Natalie couldn’t wait to raise the long distance bar. The gyms floor plan is laid out as an “L”. On the tip of the return for the lower leg, there are two 5’x7’ mattes. On the lower leg of the L there are two additional 5’x7’ mattes. Corey was in the far corner (the tip of the return). The walk to the center of room is 15 feet along the short leg. The walk down the center of the room is 40 feet. Crossing the threshold of the gym, the hallway is 80’ long. Turn right towards the entrance of the wing; add 15 feet. If you’d prefer, take another right to head north on the opposite side of the floor. Corey could possibly cover an additional 120’ on this side of the wing; it’s a straight run.

Today’s stroll incorporated the above but on the north side she needed to stop after 7 feet. If you’re adding her steps that is 157 feet!! Natalie periodically stopped to ask Corey if she needed a break or if she wanted to stop. Each time she said, “No, I’m fine, let’s go”! She not only went, she shattered yesterday’s record.

Corey you continually stretch yourself beyond all your former limitations. What was once impossible for you have now become easy. Your improvement could never have happened had it not been for your drive to master what you previously could not do. You’re determination to exceed the previous days achievement is the reason for your success. Keep challenging yourself to reach beyond what you think you can do and you’ll be walking laps in no time! xoxo