Hi Everyone,

Corey had a very good day; she only had one meltdown! ST/OT/PT continue their assessments as well as getting to know Corey’s personality. She is still disoriented but for the first time in over a month she has asked questions that are relevant; however, she still can not make the connection that we are at Bryn Mawr and not home.

Her pain level remains high but she is working through the rehab schedule without complaint.

Tonight’s post is brief as I finish preparing for a BIA conference in New Jersey tomorrow. I’m a nervous wreck, not because of the conference but because I have to leave Corey. She will have a full day of therapy with very little down time to even think about me, but I’m still a nervous mom!

Keep us in your thoughts as we both will be attending sessions that will continue to enhance our progress on this new path.

4am comes quickly…good night all, xoxo