Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. We both had about 4.5 hrs sleep last night and this morning she caught another 2 hours before Day 2 of Rehab Boot Camp began.

She had 3 hours of PT/OT broken down into four sessions. Session 1 OT 1 hour ~ Session 2 PT ½ hour ~ Session 3 OT ½ hour ~ Session 4 PT 1 hour.

Amanda, OT, cried when she heard Corey’s voice for the first time. It was somewhat of an assessment session. Amanda sat with Corey on the matte as Corey reached with her right arm for items in a box positioned on her left. She had to identify the items and rotate to put them away in a box positioned on her right. This progressed using the same motion but Amanda worked with Corey to use her left arm and hand.

The ladies moved on to bolster work. The gym has a large cylinder bolster that stands 4’high and approximately 3’ in diameter. Amanda placed it on its side so it could roll.
Sitting on the matte, Corey reached across with both arms and pushed her butt up to a leaning/stand position. She stood for about 2 mins. After 3 repetitions the bolster was placed upright. Corey then stood up leaning on the bolster (with Amanda and an aide’s assistance) for an additional 5 mins. This freeform exercise reinforces the benefits of the standing frame we use at home.

Suzanne, PT, couldn’t wait to work with Corey. She cried yesterday as she announced Corey’s arrival to the gym. The ladies continued working on Corey’s sit to stand exercises.

There was only an hour between the morning and afternoon sessions. By the time Session 3 was to begin, Corey was wiped! Rightfully so; she stood for a total 25 minutes during the morning sessions. Corey had difficulty managing the afternoon sessions because of her fatigue. It was important for the therapists to see the physical change in Corey so they can adjust her schedule for next week building in 1.5 – 2 hour rest times. Her fatigue is precisely why we need inpatient and not outpatient therapy! Imagine her hard work then commuting to and from the rehab. At home we manage her sessions to allow for her fatigue sometimes accommodating for it by working with her while she is in bed. Her rest time in bed is critical to help her develop her overall stamina.

Due to her fatigue, the majority of her afternoon PT session was matte work; mostly stretching so Corey could close her eyes. However, the last 15 minutes of Suzanne’s session was used to size Corey for her walker as well as taking a few steps together. Suzanne challenged Corey to help her “one up Natalie”. Yesterday Natalie and Corey walked almost 10 feet. Suzanne hit the 10 feet and asked Corey where her pain threshold was. Corey gave it a 5 as she pushed the walker forward raising the bar another 4 feet ~ 14 feet for Day 2. Exhausted and in pain she proved the saying No Pain, No Gain. Corey returned to her bed for a well deserved rest. She fell asleep at 8pm and so far is still asleep as I write this. Let’s hope Boot Camp will be her sleeping sedative so she and I can begin to sleep through the night! That would be a great Mother’s Day gift! Happy dreams, xoxo