Hi Everyone,

We had a very difficult night. Corey was in a great deal of pain, her disorientation was magnified by the pain medication and it was a rough night. She and I only managed an hour’s sleep.

This morning PT/OT came in for a post surgical evaluation. This is needed for release to the Rehab. Once again we had to go to battle for approval. Dr. Long, Dr. Ruggerio, PT/OT all had to write/fax notes supporting the referral. The pre-certification department at BlueCross denied admittance. My BC case manager couldn’t help us (he has no authority over the pre-cert department). The issue wasn’t that she needed rehab, the issue was “did she need to be inpatient at an acute rehab hospital and why not an out-patient rehab near or home”.

I am very thankful for the Paoli social worker. She doesn’t take no for an answer either! Our battle began at 8am this morning. It wasn’t until 5:30pm that we got word Corey’s case made it to the Regional Medical Director for approval. We have been approved for 7 days pending progress notes…here we go again…

We left Paoli at 7pm. Bryn Mawr rehab is not far from Paoli. Corey is extremely disoriented and will not let me out of her sight. That being said, she’s thinks I’m her night nurse and can’t find her real mom. Thank goodness for pain medication and exhaustion; I’m staying in the Doctor’s lounge of the floor Corey is staying on incase she wakes up with night terrors or anxiety.

I’m going to try to sleep for as long as I can until I’m called. My bedtime prayer; I hope her mind comes back, I hope her pain lessens, I hope she sleeps through the night, I hope tomorrow is an easier day. I especially hope she has happy dreams, xoxo