Hi Everyone,

I recently had a heart to heart with one of my closest friends. We haven’t had an opportunity to see one another in quite some time so we had months to catch up on. As I shared some of the past and recent challenges we were facing she asked me a few questions.

1. What’s your goal?
2. What’s your plan to reach that goal?
3. How willing are you to be flexible?

She reminded me that “the plan” is not “the goal”. To reach our goal we might need to give up the original plan or at the very least some parts of it. If the plan changes it doesn’t mean that the goal is unattainable. It just means that it’s time to be more flexible.

This conversation replayed itself as we met for a consultation with the orthopedic surgeon this afternoon. Dr. Ruggerio Sr. examined Corey and confirmed that not only would she benefit from the tendon lengthening on her left foot, he feels it would be best to operate on both ankles! Then he proceeded to state that his double knee surgery scheduled for tomorrow called out due to pneumonia so he could fit Corey right in!

We are committed to the goal ~ Corey wants to walk. The timing of the plan has changed but may have created a number of new options available to her. There’s no turning back.

She will have her surgery tomorrow and spend the night at Paoli hospital. Thursday she will transfer to Bryn Mawr Rehab for 2-3 weeks. She will have casts on both legs for 4 weeks. Through out that time she will have intensive therapy and recasting to optimize her recovery.

Suddenly there are packing lists to be written and phone calls to be made to postpone current appointments. I had night shift duty last night so I think I’ll set the alarm for an early rise; tonight we need to rest so we can prepare for Plan C ~ Corey will soon be walking as she keeps me on my toes. Something tells me I’m going to need a new pair of sneakers to keep up with her…xoxo