Hi Everyone,

Corey is making great physical progress; however, she is going through a very difficult emotional phase. She has been waking up with night terrors, day terrors (after her naps), disorientation and severe separation anxiety when she loses sight of me. Once the therapists distract her, I slip out of the gym and Corey stays focused on the task. If there is a lull in activity, that’s when she begins to look for me.

If the therapists or nurses are unsuccessful with their distractions, she gets volatile. This morning, the nurses were quite impressed with her ability to strip her bed of all the linens, including the fitted bottom sheet, while she was lying in the bed. In addition, she was able to remove her tank top without removing her T-shirt. Now that takes skill! We are now convinced that Corinne was an apprentice to the Great Houdini in a past life.

I had a lengthy meeting with Dr. Long discussing Corey’s behavioral issues. We are going to work closely with the Behavioral therapists to try to come up with strategies and techniques to diffuse Corey’s alter-ego. I was sarcastically joking with one of the nurses today; “Everyone’s been praying that Corey comes back to us walking, talking and eating”. “Well she’s here”!

Speaking of coming back to us; we had very special visitors today. Karissa and her parents drove up to visit. We were so excited to see them. Karissa looks amazing. She’s walking as she holds her dad’s hand. She is softly speaking now and it was wonderful to hear her voice for the first time. Carla and Kevin felt the same excitement as Corey was engaged in our conversation. My favorite moment was watching Karissa smile. She is a beautiful young woman but when she smiles, her face lights up and she’s stunning.

She and Corey don’t remember each other but they must sense a bond. The minute Karissa entered the room, she went directly to Corey’s bedside and the girls reached out to hold each other’s hand. We had a very nice visit. It was a very special gift to see them again.

Corey life will not ask your opinion as challenges present themselves. Life will demand something of you every minute of the day. The more willing, gracious and positive you are in accepting the challenges you’re assigned determines the value of what you gain from the experience.

Each experience has hidden gifts within them. The greatest gift we’ve received is the friendship, love and support of thousands of friends. Cherish those hidden gifts, give of yourself so others will experience the same and you will certainly continue to receive the very best that life has to offer, xoxo