Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day, however she’s still complaining of headaches. Dr. Brown ordered blood work and another CT scan which we have scheduled for tomorrow.

Today’s therapy sessions went well. Diane is amazed with Corey’s progress. Today they worked on vocabulary words, verbs and sentence completion. Corey is now responding in 6-7 word sentences. I’m hoping to film a speech session to capture how well she is enunciating some of her words.

Corey and Gillian walked 30 feet today! It is very exciting to see her lift her left leg to take a step landing left heel to toe and then weight shift to take more steps.

Corey every night as I sit at the computer I replay your day. Watching you “talk” with Diane and “walk” with Gillian amazes me. Only a few short months ago you were silent and still. I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful. There are times I stray from positive thinking but your actions remind me of the accomplishments we’ve achieved. Thank you, sometimes the child teaches the parent! I love you, xoxo