Hi Everyone,

We continue to face many challenges but received a few amazing gifts today that reminds us perspective is everything!

Today was actually a very difficult day as we continue to fight for therapy coverage. Now we are not only trying to find another agency, but insurance denied coverage with the agency dropping us and we were given our discharge notice for tomorrow! Needless to say, I spent the day on the phone and we filled an appeal. Services cannot be discontinued until the appeals are exhausted. We are back to where we were a year ago.

Despite the gauntlet dropping, Corey had her usual therapies. During her session with Gillian, she walked using a walker about 20 feet. There was another first; Corey not only released her left knee, she raised her knee to lift her foot, kicked through the step to place her left heel on the floor taking an official step. Not once or twice, but well over a dozen times. Today’s session was an official walking session! This was gift #1.

Gift #2 was delivered tonight when we received the edited copy of a documentary we have been working on with Jon Ristano. Jon is not only Caitlin’s best friend, but a film major at Temple University. We have been working on this film to incorporate it in our presentation for an upcoming hearing with the Senate and Congress as well as our presentation in June at the BIA-PA annual conference.

Watching Jon’s movie was wonderful. It brought back many memories which were hard to share but was worth remembering. This movie not only shows us our beginning but how far we’ve come. Corey’s step forward today is the perfect symbol of where we are headed. I was reminded that every step is forward…there’s no going back!

Jon, Thank you for sharing your talent and representing Corey’s Story so beautifully!

WARNING – This is rated 10T…you’ll need at least 10 tissues to get through this one folks, xoxo