Hi Everyone,

Tonight’s post comes from Corey. She has shared on two different occasions about her dreams of God. Both dreams were described in a similar way recounting similar details leaving us to question not that God came to Corey but why is it that there is a small doubt lingering within our minds?

We did not have nursing last night. I have a pull out chair that sits next to Corey so I can be with her through the night to roll her every two hours, be there in case she aspirates and care for her needs through the night.

Corey was asleep for about an hour as I worked on my computer. Something caught my eye and I noticed she was awake and staring towards the kitchen (diagonally across from her bed). I silently watched her for several minutes to check that her stare was not a silent seizure. Confident that she was fine I asked her what she was staring at. The following is the conversation we had;

M; ‘What are you staring at’?
C; “A boy”
Alarmed and more than a little nervous I looked in the same direction and saw nothing, not even the cats.
M; ‘Where is the boy’?
C; “Standing at the banister” (meaning the top of the ramp in the threshold of the two rooms) she extended her arm to point across the room.
M; ‘What does the boy look like’, ‘How old is he”?
C; “he’s white wearing blue”, “he’s not JohnPaul, he’s medium”
The assumption is the boy has a beard and is a little older than JohnPaul but still a young man.
M; ‘Ask him what his name is’
C; Corey repeated the question aloud but as she stared towards the kitchen she lifted her right hand and gently moved her fingers as if she was softly conducting a song or playing the trumpet.
M; ‘What are you doing with your hand? Waving to him?’
C; “His voice is like Music”
M; ‘what did he say? What’s his name?’
C; she continued to stare but did not answer and continued to gently move her fingers
M; ‘Corey, what’s he saying to you’?
C; “How are you…it’s nice to see you”
M; ‘what is his name? Is He still standing at the banister’?
C; She looked at me then to her left but slowly turned her head to the right as if to watch someone walk down the ramp and enter the room.
M; ‘where is the boy now’
C; Corey looked to her left and pointed between us. “right here”.
M; ‘ask Him why he’s here’.
C; she repeated the question but did not offer a response.
M; ‘so there is a boy that is white, wearing blue that is now right next to us’.
C; Corey shook her head yes in agreement.
M; tell me what he looks like again.
C; “He’s young”, “He’s smart”, He’s resurrected”.
M; I was shocked at her answer. My body had a rush of adrenaline.
M; ‘ask Him why he came’
C; “He came to be with me and help me”
M; ‘help you to do what’?
C; “eat, drink, walk, talk”
M; ‘does he tell you to do anything’?
C; “He wants me to be nice”
M; ‘how long can He stay’
C; after repeating the question, she paused, and then looked at me “He will stay all night”.
M; ‘ask Him who told Him to come’.
C; “His mother in heaven”.
The following few sentences added a message for someone I knew of. What was most shocking was Corey never met nor heard of the person she spoke about.

Throughout this conversation Corey was extremely calm, peaceful and content. My heart was racing, unsure of what to believe or not to believe.
She smiled at me, closed her eyes for a moment, opened them and said, “Jesus kissed me good night”. She closed her eyes and fell into a sound sleep.

Today, I was curious if she’d remember what happened (always the doubting Thomas). Corey not only recanted the experience to Caitlin, her details were on par with what I witnessed. This evening when we asked her if there was anything else Jesus said she wrote, “He kissed me good night in my dream”. “He said tell everyone I’m God and you met me”.

How can we not sleep soundly and feel safe from this night forward?
Happy dreams, xoxo