Hi Everyone,

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday. We had a good weekend. First of all, I must say how incredibly grateful I am that Caitlin moved home. I know it’s only for a few months but her timing couldn’t be more perfect as we are having trouble with nursing coverage again. She’s shared the night shifts with me and has been invaluable during the days as well! PS – I will begin to look into additional home care agencies to share our case. This unfortunately is not an easy task.

Corey is enjoying her big sister’s company as well as having her brother home today. We had a relaxing day watching Mary Poppins, sitting outside in the sun and eating a non-traditional holiday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

Speaking of eating, yesterday Corey successfully tried her favorite food ~ Pizza! It was her first pizza in 18 months. She had two small bites of Taco Pizza and about 4 small bites of plain pizza. She also ate ½ a meatball and ½ large cheese ravioli. She might look Irish and German but her Italian side is still going strong.

Overall it was a good weekend. (Check out the photo gallery, Corey dressed for the occasion)

Tomorrow it’s off to Harrisburg to meet with Senator Dominic Pileggi. I am hoping to articulate the issues met by average American families coping with the lack of services and funding for post acute care. Please keep a positive thought for us as we advocate for TBI patients and their families. xoxo