Hi Everyone,

Everyday I try to share the positive progress we are making. Everyday there is always something new to celebrate. Everyday is not perfect and upbeat but we plow through it.

Then there are days that are tough; compounded by circumstances beyond our control. When there are several days that seem relentless, tough days then get unbearable. The last two weeks, especially the last two days reflect the latter. People ask me how we stay so strong and positive. The honest answer is some days are easier than others. This journal doesn’t highlight those days but they exist; sometimes hour by hour and minute by minute.

About a year ago, I posted Corey’s last English paper. It began with ~ Everyone has heard the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” However hearing something and doing something are two very different things. In the real world when life hands you lemons you don’t want to make lemonade, you want to throw them at someone, usually whoever handed them to you.

Today was one of those days. There are a number of meditation exercises I use to break the chaos in my mind as well as physically removing myself from the situation to relieve the stress in my body. All attempts failed today until I went to my computer and began searching for inspiration. Have you ever been so desperate for an answer and heard just what you needed to hear or read something that seemed to be written for you at that very moment? The following was my answer;

Get through it

On the other side of the challenge is value. Get through it, and get the value.
Though the effort makes you weary, it also makes you strong. Get through it, and enjoy the full benefit of that strength.

You’ve already made it this far, and you’ve already established some good momentum. To get through it, just keep going.

Keep going, though the urge to quit may be strong. Keep going, get through it and get the rewards you’ve earned.

Get through it, not by fighting but by accepting and persisting in each moment. Get through it, not with resentment for what you must do but with gratitude for what you can accomplish.

You have what it takes, because what it takes is simply making one step, and then the next, and then the next. Step forward, get through it, and bring your own unique value more fully to life ~ Ralph Marston

Corey there are days we need to pick up the lemons and throw them back at the people that handed them to us. When we run out of the strength to throw them we need to sit, breathe, relax, find the sugar and make lemonade.

We continue to add to your list of achievements. I know acceptance and persistence is hard but we will keep fighting because what is on the other side of this is worth fighting for. Keep Going. We can get through it! xoxo