Did you miss me? BAM, HIJACKED!

Helloooo Coreyfans,

This has been a year of “firsts”. You don’t have to spend more than an afternoon with Corey before she surprises you with something unexpected and new. Today, she’ll show you how she can bend her left leg and hold a spoon while she brings it to her mouth to eat. She’ll sing along to the song on the radio, laugh at your jokes, and listen to your stories. She’ll greet you the moment you walk in the door with that huge Corey smile and a say “hi, how are you?” I remember the first time she kicked her right leg, moved her right arm, squeezed her right hand. The first time she opened her right hand, opened her mouth. The first time she followed us around the room with her eyes. The first time she opened her eyes. We all count on Corey everyday to inspire us and she doesn’t disappoint.

Now, having inspirational siblings has it’s drawbacks. After comparing accomplishments I suddenly realized the extent of my middle-child syndrome. Seriously, how can I compete? (and obviously siblings MUST compete to see who is the best) But then I realized something that put to bed my anxiety. Unlike Corey, I don’t have a platform to show off my accomplishments. I don’t have any kind of social network to brag about MY “firsts”. So (no big deal) I’ve thrown together this list.

Quickly, let’s remember the first time I . . .

Ran out of gas while street racing.
Went streaking on public television.
Got caught using Jedi Mind Powers in school.
Had an affair with the president.
Bowled a 300.
Changed the weather with my mind.
Crafted a flawless rocking chair out of bamboo.
Flew a 747.
Impersonated a principal.
Saved an African village from killer bees, single handedly.
Realized Pluto wasn’t a planet.
Convinced my teacher I was Mother Theresa reincarnated.
Told a joke and no one laughed but me.
Dodged the draft.
Went to jail for dodging the draft.
Was declared Lord of the Dance.
Forgot to do my homework.
Spit off the Empire State Building.
Walked into a door.
and finally, found the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I realize that in the end it doesn’t matter what Corey or I accomplish, when it comes down to it, JohnPaul is going to win anyway. I mean, have you seen his beard?

Happy Dreams! xoxo