Hi Everyone,

One of the lessons I’ve learned in the last 16 months is not to project and don’t look back; stay in the present. This is a great life lesson regardless of whether you’re currently facing a challenge or not. Don’t be worried about what might or might not be. Just focus on the present.

There are some that would disagree, commenting ‘easier said than done’. There is nothing about the reality of the present moment that can overwhelm you. If you feel overwhelmed ask yourself if you’re judging the current moment on past disappointments or your future anxieties? Try to quiet your mind, release your limitations and be present. The moment you have is new. What can you create, discover, experience or enjoy?

Reflecting on the day, Corey continues to have her struggles but is always willing to try new exercises to advance her progress despite her limitations. Her frustrations stem from the mind not understanding that the body cannot perform the way she’d like it too…YET.

We are going to schedule another swallow study and consult with a Nutritionist as soon as possible. Corey woke up at 3:30am very agitated because she was hungry! She wants to start eating more than Ice Cream, pudding or soup. We need our prayer warriors to focus all your energy on her developing the muscles she needs to accomplish the act of swallowing and eating.

In addition to the Nutritionist, we will be looking for a new Physiatrist; a rehabilitation physician who is a nerve, muscle and bone expert treating injuries or illnesses that affect how a patient moves. They treat the whole person not just the injury. Their specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation. We need guidance to create a treatment plan that can be carried out not only by us but with the help of our team. This includes our primary physician, therapists, neurologist and possibly an orthopedic surgeon. The right direction and guidance towards that end will help us care for Corey throughout her recovery. Can you please add Corey’s ability to regain movement of her left foot, leg and arm as well as finding our new Doctor? (The needle in the haystack)

Today’s lesson was staying present. Every lesson learned requires practice of its fundamental elements. Staying present requires awareness, willingness and gratitude. Today Corey worked with ST/PT/OT and her teacher. There were moments of frustration as well as success. Corey’s smile said it all! Her verbal responses to Diane, trying a new exercise using the kitchen counter as support instead of the walker with Gillian, working on comprehension and memory with the latest celebrity magazines with Joanna and literally stretching to reach new heights with her upper arms with Alice gave Corey the moments she needed to recognize her new accomplishments.

For me, in addition to sharing Corey’s smile at watching her enjoy her success I had a date with JohnPaul. We had a great evening together. It was an opportunity for me to work on my life lesson ~ balance. It’s time to add some sleep to that goal; Happy dreams, xoxo