Hi Everyone,

Corey was still showing signs of fatigue today. She worked through Speech but it wasn’t a strong session. After Diane left, she took a two hour nap. Corey’s cognitive exercises are as tiring as her physical exercise. This afternoon, she was not strong enough to work with her teacher but did manage to participate in her OT session. Some days she just can’t push through it all.

Speaking of pushing through it all, that’s been our mantra…”we can do this”. But there are days that feel like they’re a year long. There is a saying; when a plane is going to crash and the oxygen mask falls, place it on yourself before you can help the person next to you. Finding time for the caregiver, regardless of the illness, is not easy. Unfortunately this week, 3 of our regular nurses called out due to illness. Thank goodness they did call out. A common cold is much more serious for Corey than the average person. We received a call today that we won’t have coverage this weekend either. 16 hours on duty several days/nights in a row is exhausting for mind, spirit and body. I’m beginning to feel my own fatigue.

My best friend stated with complete confidence not to worry… it’s physically impossible for me to have a nervous breakdown. She told me it would have happened by now if it were to happen at all. (Those of you who know me will find this humorous). She actually dared me to try. She told me she’d put money down that I couldn’t do it. Know why? Before I gave myself permission, I’d have to write a list of everything that needed to be prepared before I broke down. By the time I finished writing the list and making plans to have everything in order for whoever was going to pick up the pieces, I’d look at the list and impatiently state; “who has time for this? It’s time to get back to work”!

I’m not used to asking for help. Perhaps this is one of the lessons I need to learn from all of this. I do call on my friends for help with things around the house but with Corey’s seizures and medications, I need clinical help so I can leave Corey and take a break once in awhile. Tonight I need to ask for nursing help. My agency is in the process of trying to find the staff to fill the openings as well as find back up for our regular staff but until then I need help from any RN’s or LPN’s that live close to us. If you know of anyone please ask them to reach out if they can help.

Thank you for your continued love, support and friendship. The one thought that keeps running through my head this week are the comments from the seizure specialist.

“If I had looked at the CT scans before I met Corey, I never would have paired them together” “Full court press for PT/OT/ST and Cognitive therapies” “after looking at the CT’s it’s amazing to see what she is doing”.

I am more determined than ever yet I know what I have to do.
Care for the Caregiver…I have to take care of me so I can keep helping Corey! xoxo