Hi Everyone,

Good news ~ Bad news…

Bad news, there is seizure activity that is initiated from the front right lobe of the brain that is the result of Corey’s brain injury.
Bad news, the CT scans show significant damage to the left side of the brain and more severe damage to the right side of the brain.
Bad news, Corey’s injury is the most severe injury sustained from this type of accident.
Bad news, 90% of individuals that survive this injury do not recover any form of function and often live in a vegetative state.

Good news, there wasn’t the epileptic activity shown in the EEG that the Doctor expected to see.
Good news, 10% of patients with this injury open their eyes but have limited function
Good news, 3% of the 10% regain any sort of functional movement and/or cognitive ability.

What does this mean?
Bad news; the patterned seizures could and probably will continue. Medication is only 60% effective for Corey’s injury. The doctor is increasing the levels of her current medications hoping that it will prevent another seizure; however, it is not guaranteed. It will be a lifetime balance of trial and error. It could be a painstaking process that will require patience and understanding that it will be a lifetime process.

Good news; Corey is regaining function and cognitive ability
Good news; he has consistently seen patients Corey’s age and level of injury recover more function than patients that are older. If she were perfectly healthy, her brain would continue to grow and develop until she was 25.

Conclusion; the Doctor supports a “full court press” to continue PT/OT/ST and Cognitive therapies for the next several years! We will monitor the levels of the seizure medication to prevent any liver or organ damage, and the Doctor wants to see her again in 3 months unless she has another seizure prior to that appointment.

Corey there will always be challenges and obstacles threatening your progress; that’s the bad news. When you hear the negative, remember this; there is a whole lot more positive to focus on. You have a choice everyday to wake up and listen to the bad news or choose to focus on the good news. Look at the choices you make everyday. The only thing that could stop you is you; that’s great news because it means you are in control! With your hard work, motivation, tenacity and attitude, you are not only regaining the ability to walk, talk, and eat; you’re achieving these functions much faster than anyone would ever have predicted. It’s all you Corey; you’re making it happen. That’s amazing news! xoxo