Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day! It began with Brittany, OT. The ladies worked on the computer keyboard. We are working with Corey to compensate for her visual limitations. As previously explained, Corey has what is called left neglect. She has a blind spot from the left of her nose that encompasses her left peripheral field. Brittany was thrilled with Corey’s ability to turn her head to her left (without verbal prompting) in order to search for the keys she needed to complete her typing task. The keyboard is a specialty board with enlarged keys. Corey works with it once a day. It appears that she is not only becoming more familiar with the key arrangement, she’s reaching to type automatically. Won’t it be wonderful when she can begin to compose her own pages! I’m sure texting won’t be far behind.

The concentration of working on the keyboard wiped Corey out. She took a solid hours nap before her Mid-morning speech session. Diane and Corey enjoyed some ice cream and conversation.

This afternoon’s highlight was PT. Although our therapy team is comprised of a combination of Insurance therapists and school therapists, everyone works as a team. All members are working separately yet together on Corey’s plan of care.

Jen and Corey started on the matte. She used the leg roll wrapped with a pillow under Corey’s knees. Today, Jen removed Corey’s sneaker keeping her air cast on her left foot. She directed Corey to first lift her right heel off the matte raising the lower leg for a count of 5; then moved to the left leg. Corey not only raised her heel, she lifted it higher with each count. In addition, Corey controlled the movement in between lifts by slowly lowering her heel back down to rest on the matte (rather than dropping it to go with gravity). Jen asked Corey if she wanted to keep going. She did another 3 lifts. When I told her she hit 8, she held up 2 fingers to tell us she was ready to go for a total of 10. By the last lift, Jen pointed out the height of Corey’s leg. It was almost perfectly parallel to the matte. Next session, the camera will be rolling!

The week has caught up to both of us. Corey was exhausted and fell asleep early. As soon as my nurse arrives for my shift change, it will be my turn. Happy dreams all, xoxo