Hi Everyone,

It’s been a full busy few days. By the time I sat down to write to Corey, I fell asleep (2 Nights in a row) guess I needed it. Don’t worry; now that I’m well rested I can go for another 15 months on 2-3hrs, hehe.

Corey’s travel day Wednesday went well. She gets very tired when we have to go back and forth to Bryn Mawr. The commute is one hour one way and then the office visit is at least an hour. This trip our current Physical Therapist joined us to meet with the company that designs her leg braces. I purchased regular Adidas high top sneaker that CoCo enterprises adapts for her range. They remove the heel and build a wedge to lift the heel of the sneaker. As Corey’s range increases, the heel continues to be altered so hopefully one day she’ll be wearing regular shoes to walk in. Carlo CoCo and team are true craftsman. The sneaker doesn’t look as if it’s been altered at all.

We have good news and concerning news. Good news; since Corey’s last seizure, the Doctor’s have raised her dosages of seizure medication. Corey will be on these medications long term so it is imperative that she has regular blood work to monitor her levels especially in the liver. We received the report that she is tolerating the increase and her levels are within normal range.

Concerning news; her CT scan showed a change since the last seizure. Seizures are a phenomenon. They can occur as the result of new connections being formed, but they can also be a sign that some connections are mis-routed. No seizure is good and although it appears that Corey excels immediately after a seizure, there is also the chance that more damage is done. We have more tests to come and will be working with the neurologists to continue to work through this long term. We will also be focusing on her Cognitive Rehabilitation to monitor memory, word recognition and speech as well as how she is rebuilding all the “other” connections needed for her recovery.

Corey lately everyone has been giving me motivational phrases to think about. I read a phrase that makes perfect sense; giving up would be easier. Then I thought, when have you ever done anything the easy way? Since you were little you were the most stubborn, determined person I’d ever met. I’m convinced that spirit is why you’re making progress. Everyone tells us Today has a Reason. I don’t know what that reason is but spending time trying to figure that out now will not help us focus on today. There is an acronym for GRACE; Gently Release All Conscious Expectations. The reasons for the changes we face are really not important right now. Today is what matters. We don’t know where those changes will lead us so we can’t set any expectations. All we can do is work with the Changes; Change our Attitude, Change our Thinking, Change our Behavior. We can’t stray to the What If’s and the Why’s.

Change is life…Growth is optional, xoxo