Hi Everyone,

Corey was definitely voicing her temperament today…and not quietly might I add. Today was Temper Tantrum Thursday in case anyone didn’t know that holiday existed in the 2012 calendar. There’s not much we can do for her but let her express herself. When I’d ask her what was wrong, many times she’d say “I don’t know”. Let’s face it; many of us have those kinds of days.

PT didn’t go as well today as it did yesterday but Corey pushed through it despite her protests. Today we took the largest exercise ball we have (36” diameter) onto the matte. First Gillian and Corey do some stretching to warm up. Next, Gillian assists Corey to roll onto her side to a kneeling position. At that point Gillian lifts her to stand on her knees and I place the large exercise ball in front of her. Corey then leans on the ball and rolls forward as well as side to side.

Once she is used to the motion, she pushes against the ball (as I brace it) to an upright position. She then “walks” on her knees across the matte using the ball as a support for her upper body and arms. This exercise stretches Corey’s back muscles, builds core strength, hip and leg strength and helps her with balance. Once we cross the matte we assist her to roll to her hip, swing her legs off the side of the matte to the floor ending in an upright sitting position. (The German judge gave her an 8.0)

I have found that when Corey has reached the point of no return with her frustrations the best remedy is a spa session. There is nothing like a hot shower, music for the spirit and a massage to calm you down so you can face the rest of the day. Works like a charm. Corey settled down and took a nap before her afternoon therapy. I decided to take my own advice; we had a nurse today so as Corey slept I ran out to use a gift certificate for my own massage. PS – it definitely helps rejuvenate the spirit to face the rest of the day!

Upon my return, Corey was in her chair and asking to eat! She selected Vanilla Ice Cream as her afternoon treat. She did very well accepting and swallowing 10 small spoonfuls. I tried something new today. Once I had the proper amount on the spoon I handed it to her so she could feed herself. She not only placed the portion in her mouth, she flipped the spoon and slowly licked the remaining ice cream savoring the taste. It was comical. She also licked her lips. You might be smiling picturing this image but you need to know that licking her lips is a huge step. It’s the first time she’s manipulated her tongue to extend past her teeth and control the motion to wipe and absorb the liquid on her lips. Try the task yourself. Think of each step and slowly feel each muscle you use in your tongue and jaw on what we all take for granted as a natural motion.

When Alice arrived for her OT session she was thrilled to hear about Corey’s success in feeding herself. She also was very impressed with Corey’s increased control and agility with her left hand. She was most surprised by Corey turning her hand side to side. We were fortunate enough to get a video of part of our session. Please note that this session was from 4:30-5:30 tonight. Corey was exhausted but her determination never waned.
We are calling it, Corey Beattie – Open says me…we hope you enjoy it. http://youtu.be/CvCwfeQO_cU