Hi Everyone,

Corey had a pretty good day. Diane is wrapping up her testing. She has to submit quantitative data supporting each goal in order to receive additional hours of therapy based on Corey’s progress. Corey did an outstanding job with opposites, synonyms, completion of common phrases and vocabulary recognition.

It is amazing to watch Corey’s progress. As Diane asks her questions, you can see her process the information, think of the response and then execute the answer either verbally or in written form. I watch her and know, “she’s in there”. She hears and understands everything. Sometimes I watch her as she pauses to recall a word or phrase and I wonder will she retrieve it. What is she thinking? Does this frustrate her? Is she speaking clearly in her mind and think we can hear her? I truly hope one day she can answer these questions. It will be fascinating to hear her perspective when she can begin to communicate in more detail.

The testing of Corey’s Language skills is as exhausting for her as her PT and OT sessions. She works just as hard retraining her memory as she does her body. When she is exercising her intellectual muscles she fatigues quickly. Quite often we can only hold a 30-40 minute session at best.

Tonight was girl’s night. Claire and Danielle came to visit. There was lots of gossip and laughter. Its always fun to watch Corey with her friends.

Corey tomorrow school is back in session and we start a busy week. I think you’re actually looking forward to having a vacation from Mom’s home schooling and therapy boot camp! Happy dreams honey, xoxo