Hi Everyone,

Now that the holidays are over Corey’s friends have been calling to schedule their visits. We’re very excited to have her friends visit the next few weeks before they return to college.

We thought Selina was going to come by today but Corey decided to switch things up. She wanted to go to Selina’s house. So off we went. It was just like old times, hanging out in the kitchen chatting while “Chef Paul” cooked the traditional New Year’s Day dinner.

Most days I couldn’t tell you if Corey will be strong enough for visitors or an outing. Throughout the day she could be fine one minute and feel terrible or exhausted the next.
We truly live one day at a time, one hour at a time and some days one minute at a time.

Living with any health issue can be overwhelming. It’s very easy to feel as if you’re standing in quicksand unable to free yourself and move forward. It’s even easier to succumb to it, rely on it and use it as a means to stay cemented in the moment. It’s extremely difficult to maintain “normalcy” when you’re forced to accommodate the limitations that any challenge presents.

I happen to read an article today that posed interesting questions for the New Year.
~If all your limitations were suddenly removed, what would you do?
~If you were able to make absolutely anything happen, what would it be?
~If there were no challenges standing in your way, where would you go?
~With absolutely nothing holding you back, what would your life become?

Corey the answers to these questions will be different for each of us but critical to our daily focus of healing and recovery. The answers will help us maintain our vision, our hope and our dreams. When I read and reread the questions all I can think of is your ring ~ Nothing is Impossible. The limitations and challenges are apart of us but they do not have to define us.

What will we do? Where will we go? What will this year become? It all starts with our definition of attitude, focus and our actions of today. Are you ready…xoxo